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System - Servers

PC-COM custom build specialty servers

Application Servers - Hosts web apps (computer programs that run inside a web browser) allowing users in the network to run and use them, without having to install a copy on their own computers. Unlike what the name might imply, these servers need not be part of the world wide web; any local network would do.

Database Servers -  Maintains and shares any form of database (organized collections of data with predefined properties that may be displayed in a table) over a network.

File Servers - Shares files and folder, storage space to hold files and folders, or both, over a network

Mail Servers - Makes email communication possible in the same way that a post office makes snail mail communication possible

Print Server - Shares one or more printers over a network, thus eliminating the hassle of physical access

Web-Mail Servers - Hosts web pages. A web server is what makes world wide web possible. Each website has one or more web servers.

Proxy (Firewall) Servers - Acts as an intermediary between a client and a server, accepting incoming traffic from the client and sending it to the server. Reasons for doing so includes content control and filtering, improving traffic performance, preventing unauthorized network access or simply routing the traffic over a large and complex network.

Building a server to spec

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