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Save desk spaces with these systems

Complete System

Refurbished PC with New Monitor & Keyboard & Mouse

  • Refurbished HP EliteDesk 800 MiniIntel i5-7th/8th Generation

  • 16GB DDR4 Memory, 250GB SSD Hard Drive

  • Windows 11 Professional, WIFI

  • 30 Days Warranty

  • Price does not include stand, speaker and mouse pad


With new Acer/MSI 24" Monitor - $499

With new Acer/ Samsung 27" Monitor - $549

With new LG 29" Wide Screen Monitor - $599

With new LG 32" Curve Monitor - $659

HP_all-in one.jpg
HP Elitebook 840 G4 14.jpg

HP Elitebook Intel i5-7200 2.5Ghz

8GB Memory, 240GB SSD m.2 Drive

14" Screen, 1920x1080 Resolution

Webcam, Displayport, SVGA, USB-C, USB

Card Reader, RJ45, Windows 11 Pro


Refurbished System - Complete, Intel i5, 8GB Memory, 128GB SSD,

23" Screen, Keyboard, Mouse, Windows 11 Pro, 30 Days Warranty

(Can take another external monitor)


Why buy from PC-COM
1.) New computers has windows already activated & ready to use
2.) We are local and you can come and talk to us in person

3.) We offer data transfer and data recovery
4.) One-year parts and labor on custom systems (in-house service)
5.) Repairs are done in-shop
6.) Quick turnaround time on repairs

MSI_Cyborg 15.jpg

Services We Provide

Computer Repair Service
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