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4-Pin Molex to 15-Pin Sata Power Connecter

One molex to one SATA - 6 inches - $2.95

One molex to two SATA - 6 inches - $6.95

molex to SATA 4.jpg

4-Pin Molex to 15-Pin SATA Power Connector with Net Jacket

One molex to four SATA - 24 inches


5.25 to two 5.25" Power Adapter

8 inches


PCI-E 6-pin to 2x4-pin Molex

Converts existing power supply's LP4 connector into 6pin PCIe male connector 


SATA 15-Pin Male to PCI-E 6-Pin Femal Video Card Power Adapter Cable

8 inches


15-Pin SATA Power Y Cable

8 inches

2-SATA - $7.95

3-SATA (pictured) - $11.95

5.25 to two 3.5" Power Adapter

6 inches


20-Pin Male to 24-Pin Female ATX Power Cable Adapter


24-Pin Male to 24-Pin Female ATX Extension Power Cable

with 8pin M/F Ext Cable - 5.5 inches


8-Pin female to 4-Pin male ATX Motherboard Power Adapter


8-Pin Female to 8-Pin Male ATX Extension Cable

Extend the reach of your EPS power supply cable. The EPS8EXT EPS Power Extension Cable features one female and one male 8-pin ATX 12V connector, enabling you to extend the reach of your EPS power supply cable and giving you the flexibility to custom build your PC without having to stretch or strain the cable.

8-inches - $9.95

12-inches - $10.95


6-Pin male to 2x 8-Pin (6pin+2pin) male PCIe Modular Video VGA Card Power Supply PSU Cable


6pin pcie to 2 sata.jpg

6-Pin PCIe to 2 SATA Cable


ATX-4pin TO MOLEX.jpg

ATX 4-Pin 12V Power Connector to 4-Pin Molex


2-Pin to Molex Connector

3 inches

Use for fan



2-Pin to Molex (Dual) Connector

12 inches

Use for fan


Laptop 2.5" to Desktop 3.5" IDE Hard Drive 



Fan Splitter 4-pin


EverCool Fan Splitter 5x

Supports 5 PWM fans from a single motherboard PWM header.

Black braided cable.

Application: 5 PWM fans from single PWM header

Cable Material: Copper

PSU connector: 4pin Molex

Fan connector: 5 x 4pin PWM

(one with RPM feedback for motherboard)

Length 17.5inches, 3-pin male, 5x female



Fan Splitter Cable Hub 1 to 4 Power Adapter

4-pin Braided Y Splitter Internal Power Extension Cable for Computer CPU/Case Fan 1x4 Converter - 10 inches


ATX PC Computer Motherboard Power Cable Switch On/Off/Reset Computer Replacement



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